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Experienced. Proven. Eclectic. A client. A world-famous surgeon. A founder. An entrepreneur. An innovator. An author. We are all these things and more. The Considered is here to reflect the people we serve.

Expert, proven and world-class leadership team.

Team of pioneers with a decade-long track record in the delivery of industry firsts.

Solving the challenges of reduced physical customer engagement.

Unlocking the potential of the Tech-enabled society.

Independent. Experienced. Global.

A track record of industry firsts

Transforming healthcare communications takes thought, creativity and heart. At The Considered we’ve surrounded ourselves with experts that have defined the industry time and again, and we are just getting started.

Pharma's first global clubhouse community


In just a few months, Health.Reconsidered attracted 2,000 active participants meeting daily, expanded to include the most exciting global webinar in pharma – all without media spend.

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Pharma's first medical device app


Demonstrating an improvement in disease control, by providing contextual real-time support using early machine learning this was the first app to be validated as a medical device in pharma (SaMD) and exhibited in the Design Museum.

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The world's first vr operation


Professor Shafi Ahmed, Director at The Considered, became the first doctor to perform a surgery using virtual reality technology, which was viewed by over 55,000 people in 140 countries.

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A manifesto for people power in healthcare.

Health ‘care’ is no longer enough. If the pandemic taught us anything it’s that we have the technology at our fingertips and a basic human right to be more in control of our own health.

Why work with a Healthcare Agency when you can work with a HealthControl™ agency?

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Pain free client experiences

It’s been incredible to watch Dave and his team establishing Health.Reconsidered as a global resource for so many. It’s a wonderful and inspiring that’s showing, in real time, how profoundly technology is driving engagement, accelerating change and breaking down silos in all aspects of healthcare.

Bob Allen US Oncology, BMS

The passion, creativity and experiences delivered by the team are light-years ahead of what I have seen before in Lifesciences. The team are a breath of fresh air.

Jen Carroll Genomics Story Shaper

Working with The Considered has been a breath of fresh air. Their promise of the team on day one, remaining on the business has been fulfilled, as has the pain-free experience. I always looking forward to meeting with The Considered team.

Alex Lindell VP Product, InterVenn Biosciences

It turns out that a ragtag collective of wide-eyed industry optimists can create a stronger sense of engagement than even the most well-orchestrated, well-funded initiative. With no advertising, no communications campaign and no marketing director, we registered in mid-August more than one thousand people.

Florent Edouard SVP, Global Head of Commercial Excellence Grünenthal

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