A manifesto for people power in healthcare.

Health ‘care’ is no longer enough. If the pandemic taught us anything it’s that we all have the technology at our fingertips and a basic human right to be more in control of our own health.

Easy to say of course, much harder to turn into action. But like millions of patients who’ve felt empowered to take the initiative and speak up, we have decided it’s time too.

Strategic framework

For people who need healthcare.
For people who give healthcare.
For people who work in healthcare.

Understanding, patience & empathy provide Context. Context enables Trust and then partnership. With trust we can drive awareness, knowledge and Education. With Education brings empowerment, engagement and HealthControl™.

Removing friction accelerating healthcare

There is a limit to the time a clinician spends with a patient. And there is a limit to the time, however great, donated by caregivers. Beyond this, huge amounts of the treatment journey are passive. The increase in the adoption of technology and the confidence which it is used ensures that we can deliver preference, activation and autonomy for all healthcare stakeholders. Increasing engagement, participation, and as clinically proven, outcomes.

White paper

This paper is brought to you by The Considered, in partnership with the insights from the Health.Reconsidered community; an open network of healthcare collaborators. Health.Reconsidered brings together fearless patient advocates, leading technologists, globally renowned healthcare professionals, radical comms specialists and many more. Their programs, events, and publications aim to advance the debate, address the inequalities, and celebrate the innovations and individuals in healthcare.


What HealthControl™ means to me

How one family took control and helped inspire a global community.

Sisters, patient advocates and co-founders of Looms for Lupus Estela and Juana talk about persistence, insistence and empowerment.

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