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Health.Reconsidered is a global network and level playing field of passionate and inquisitive minds. Our only reason for being is to advance the debate, address the inequalities and celebrate the innovations and individuals making a difference in the field of all things ‘healthcare’.

The Schedule

Launched on Clubhouse in early 2021 Health.Reconsidered quickly attracted a following of over 2,000 people from around the world. Clubhouse discussions focus on a whole range of topics and points of view and the platform has now been expanded to include a bi-monthly free global webinar.

The most interesting conversation in healthcare

Previous Webinars

DE&I Reconsidered: Its Intrinsic Connection to Health.

November 2021 Webinar

Data: The New (S)oil. Empowering patients to improve their own care.

October 2021 Webinar

How can we deliver HealthControl™?

September 2021 Webinar

How will tech transform pharma and the commercial model?

August 2021 Webinar

The team

David Hunt

Founder + CEO, The Considered

Paul Simms

Chief Executive, Impatient Health

Christine Von Raesfeld

Founder + CEO of People with Empathy

Aurora Archer

Founder + CEO, The Opt-In and Bellatrix Group

Kelly Croce Sorg

Founder, The Opt-In

Pamela Raitt

Founder + CSO, Bellatrix Group

Gary Monk

Healthcare Innovation, Gary Monk Digital Consulting

Carolina Consuegra

Founder, Science2People

Florent Edouard

SVP, Global Head of Commercial Excellence, Grünenthal Group

Sean Robertson

Performance Consultant, GENYX

Alex Butler

Co-Founder & Host, Digitally Sick

Shaheed Peera

Founder, Creative Floor

Shwen Gwee

VP + Head of Global Digital Strategy, BMS

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