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Our goal is not to emulate any other agency in the healthcare space but instead, to do justice to the intellect, tenacity and creativity of everyone working in life sciences. That will be our only litmus test.

Breaking the rules others follow

A track record of industry firsts

As a team, we’ve defined the industry time and time again and we are just getting started.












Rule breakers who inspire

Godfrey Nazareth, President and CEO at X-Biomedical, Inc.

Hear Godfrey discussing moonshot thinking and exponential technologies in pursuit of helping 5Bn people around the world.

Louie Schwartzberg, American director, producer, and cinematographer

How do you launch a movie when the world shuts down? Hear the lessons that apply to healthcare and driving engagement.

Fabio Rodrigues, EVP, Group Creative Director at 21GRAMS

Hear how Fabio breaks the formulae, conventions, perceived wisdom & the rules of creativity, again, again, again.

Paul Simms, Chief Executive at Impatient Health

The Pharma provocateur himself, Paul Simms. Paul spends more time than most with senior decision makers across the industry. Hear the rules we all need to break.

Jason Jercinovic, Thought Leader

One of the smartest, most inspirational digital leaders of the past decades. Responsible for break-through, after break-through – hear how.

Nigel Osborne, MBE, Composer, Music Therapeutics

A world-class composer, a champion of refugees the world-over, and a driving force behind auditory stimulation as a contemporary treatment. Hear how breaking rules is the basis for evolution.

Pharma's first global clubhouse community


Health.Reconsidered is pharma’s first global Clubhouse community with a level playing field of passionate and inquisitive minds.

In just a few months, Health.Reconsidered attracted 2,000 active participants meeting daily, expanded to include the most exciting global webinar in pharma and driven on the promise of inclusivity. Our only reason for being is to advance the inequailties and celebrate the innovations and individuals making a difference in the fileds of all things healthcare.

Guest speakers have included: Nigel Osborne MBE, Eleanor Stride OBE, Shwen Gwee, Jane Metcalfe, Jason Sperling, Daniel Kraft, Bob Allen, Melinda Decker, Michael Mittleman, Andrea Downing, Fabio Rodrigues, Michael Weems, Tom Richards, Jamie Heywood, Susan Childs MBA, Matt McNally, Emma Booth

For most waking up to host a 7am "meeting" is torture, for me it's a pleasure. With active, engaging conversations among some amazing individuals from every silo of healthcare, I've found friends and family, who collectively have the power to change healthcare in a way that will truly benefit us all.

Christine Von RaesfeldFounder + CEO of People with Empathy

First medical device app in pharma


First smart application to show improvement in disease control.

The first smartphone application to show improvement in disease control, provide contextual real-time support using early machine learning and integrate with other medical devices for a clinical trial in asthma management was launched in 2017. It was the first app to be validated as a medical device in pharma (SaMD) and to win a global health technology award.

Displayed in the Design Museum

Winner at The AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards

Qualifying as a medical device is incredibly difficult. Many people sought this status, we delivered it first, and saw the benefits for our patients.

Alex Butler Partner, The Considered

First website in parenting sector to go fully responsive


First to develop fully responsive parenting website.

‘Netmums Reviews’, a first in the space to use Content as a Service. Replacing dated platform strategies, with a content engine that delivers stories where and when the user requires. The technology, the heart of consumer platforms such as Netflix, transformed Netmums and their go to market strategy.

Invited by Facebook to collaborate on Facebook Instant

2.7 million users actively post on the forum every year

Anything bring together a unique blend of creativity, tech know-how and smart innovation. Mark and Jono lead a fantastic team who are integral to the continued success of Netmums and helping us define the right approach, each time, every time.

Rimi AtwalManaging Director, Netmums

Anything developed the first dedicated reviews platform for baby products, utilizing content as a Service – ‘Netmums Reviews’. became one of the first parenting website to receive over five million unique users per month.

World's first operation in VR


Professor Shafi Ahmed becomes the first surgeon to perform, record, and stream an operation using virtual reality.

In collaboration with Barts Health and Medical Realities, Professor Ahmed became the first doctor to perform a surgery using virtual reality technology where he was able to record an operation and stream it in 360 degrees. Viewed by over 55,000 people in 140 countries, this was a transformative moment in medicine.

Knocking down the walls of tradition and replacing them with accessbility

Using this technology will support us to deliver high-quality training and safe care now and in the future.

Prof Shafi Ahmed Director, The Considered

Students were "in the operating room" to experience the movements and efforts of both Professor Ahmed and his assisting team—a priviledge historically only granted to a select few. A remarkable achievement in healthcare and education that brought new dynamic access to students from all over the world.

Pioneering SEO Quality Care campaign in dermatology


First specialized care SEO campaign

Launched an SEO first for patient support program, providing patients with support in dermatology. Reflecting the pharma companies leading position in dermatology company with their online experience for the audiences. The first online and offline SEO program, working with bloggers to create content that is SEO ready and a platform following Google’s developer guidelines to drive authority.

290% year increase in organic traffic

250% increase in organic keywords indexed by search engines

Google has become a verb, we all do it every day, for everything. However, in pharma, it is the last thing we do, if at all. As a pioneer and advocate for search, this consumer campaign shows the world the opportunity staring us in the face every time we reach an unknown.

Matt Lowe Partner, The Considered

First true social media campaign in pharma


With post-moderated comments, Psoriasis360 changed the face of pharma in social media forever

The program delivered 80,000 community interactions, with 20% of users fulfilling a significant campaign goal. The campaign created an opportunity for patients to truly engage and learn from one-another. Working closely with Johnson & Johnson, Psoriasis360 leveraged several social medica channels such as YouTube and Facebook to create awareness of the disease and treatments, share stories and inspire action. What solidified Psoriasis 360's place in social media history was that the platform allowed comments to be posted before they were moderated facilitating open patient discussion and peer support. The realization took expertse, insight and commitment to achieve a break-through that many thought impossible in pharma.

Giving psoriasis patients the opportunity to truly share

50,000 patients printed a talk to your doctor toolkit

An innovative approach in terms of use of social media.

PMEA judges

50 downloads a day over first 365 days

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Award

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